F&I Club Leadership Team - 2010/2011

Aaron Gelband - Co- President
  • Invested in equity and credit at Perry Capital, a $10B hedge fund
  • Previously at Goldman Sachs and Ramius Capital, a $3B hedge fund

JP Munfa - Co-President

  • Spent 3 years in Blackstone's private equity team
  • Raised and invested Blackstone Credit Fund, including $10B investment in loans and bonds

Will Craig - Co-CIO of Investment Committee
  • Invested in long/short equity at Highside Capital from 2005-2009
  • Previously at JPMorgan IBD

Eric Kinariwala - Co-CIO  of Investment Committee

  • Invested in equity and credit at Perry Capital, a $10B hedge fund
  • Previously at Bain Capital's Sankaty Advisors, a $12B credit hedge fund

Erica Furfaro - CFO
  • Spent 2 years investing in consumer businesses in Carlyle Group's private equity team
  • Previously in Merrill Lynch's M&A Group

Adam Ward - Career Chair

  • Invested in the financial services sector at Parthenon Capital, a $2B private equity fund
  • Previously at Lehman Brothers proprietary trading desk investing in US and Asian equities

Jeff Enquist - Speaker Chair

  • Invested in equities as an Associate at Dodge & Cox, a $175B long only mutual fund
  • Sector experience includes industrials, aerospace & defense, and financials

Nash Hale - Alumni Chair

  • Spent 2 years with Morgan Stanley Capital Partners in New York
  • Insight into being one of the first employees at a start-up fund and working for an investment arm of a bank

Ryan Votaw - Training Chair
  • Helped launch and invest Cadian Capital, a $900MM long/short equity hedge fund
  • Previously at Merrill Lynch IBD and AIG High-Yield Investment Group